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A Blended Gift to Reach a Goal

A Blended Gift to Reach a Goal
Jay wanted to support one of our priorities at a significant level–$100,000. However, he was only willing to give $25,000 in cash gifts that year.

Jay: I wanted to make a big commitment to a special project. But I also wanted to preserve my cash savings.

We shared with Jay that through a combination of his available resources and planned gifts, he could still achieve his objective.

Here are several combinations Jay considered:
  • $25,000 cash gift today and a $75,000 bequest in his will (no cash out-of-pocket).
  • $25,000 gift of appreciated stock (no cash out-of-pocket and significant tax savings) and a $75,000 bequest in his will.
  • $25,000 gift of appreciated stock, a $50,000 charitable gift annuity funded with stock (numerous tax advantages and fixed payments for life) and a $25,000 bequest.
Jay: I decided to select the first option. By making a $25,000 cash gift and satisfying the remaining balance with a bequest in my will, I was able to achieve all my goals.

Jay was able to make a $100,000 gift to our organization. He loved the fact that he could see his dollars at work today and continue his commitment to our work in the future.